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Silicone birthday candle mold
3D Diy Silicone Birthday Candle Mold
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Christmas is coming! Perfect diy silicone candle mold for wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, or Christmas events.

Silicone candle molds for sale

1.Non-stick , clean, eco-friendly, low carbon, can be recycled;

2.Soft, no crack, not easy to damage.

3.Easy separate to make perfect candle for your Christmas decorations.
4.Applicable tools: microwave, oven and refrigerator etc.
5.Certification: 100% food grade silicone meet the FDA, LFGB certified qualified, non-toxic environmental protection, Resistance to extreme temperature of -40-230 degrees

Silicone candle molds for sale

Maintenance tips:

1.Nicole mold before the first use, you can first clean with water to go out on the surface of dust, and disinfection. Mold used for baking before you can use a small amount of melted butter to smear the mold inside the use of mold, if the batter is not filled with all the mold slot, you can add a small amount of water tank, to prohibit empty roast.
2.After each use, soak in the diluted liquid for 10-30 minutes, please use a soft sponge or soft cotton cloth cleaning, can not use rough cucumber cloth, sand or hard steel brush or aluminum Spray the ball cleaning products to avoid scratches and damage to the mold. After cleaning, please dry, placed in the box or storage box silicone easy to electrostatic reaction, will be adsorbed in the air of small particles and dust, long-term use, should not be directly exposed to the air.
3.For the oven, be sure to place in the middle of the oven, with the heating tube to maintain about 10CM distance, and the oven to keep 5CM distance, to prevent damage to high temperature mold.
4.Part of the mold does not apply to the oven or microwave oven and other high temperature environment, please pay attention.
Silicone candle molds for sale

Note: The mold is flexible with no need for a releasing agent; your finished piece will just pop out of the mold like magic.

Various shapes silicone candle & cake mould are available, welcome for your inquiry

Silicone candle molds for sale

Silicone candle molds for sale


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