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Plastic crown gear
Existing Mold Plastic Crown Gear for Various Gearbox
  • Product Origin : Fujian,China
  • Shipping Port : Xiamen Port,China
  • Lead Time : 10 days after payment
  • Payment : T/T,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram or Paypal
  • Price Range : US $0.01-1.05/Piece
  • Material: Plastic/nylon
  • Size: Customized
  • Color: White or customized
  • Service: OEM
  • MOQ: 5000pcs
  • Prototype: Yes(3-7days)
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Bevel gears are gears designed to transmit motion between intersecting axes. The arrangements are most common, but bevel gears can be manufactured for nearly any angle. The teeth bearing surface of the gear, or surface pitch, is conically shaped or tapered.

Plastic crown gearPlastic crown gear

Gears are a crucial part of many motors and machines. Gears help increase torque output by providing gear reduction and they adjust the direction of rotation like the shaft to the rear wheels of automotive vehicles. Here are some basic types of gears and how they are different from each other.

Ideal accessories for diy toys motor gearbox main shaft, such as RC airplane toy ,RC helicopter, toy car and so on.

Other pantone colors can also be made

Bevel gear crown


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Subject : Existing Mold Plastic Crown Gear for Various Gearbox

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