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3d printer prototype service
Reliable Experienced 3D Printer Prototype Service
  • Product Origin : Fujian,China
  • Item No.: NWRP
  • Shipping Port : Xiamen Port,China
  • Lead Time : 2-7 days
  • Price Range : US $1-50/piece
  • Material: Plastic, silicone, rubber
  • Tolerance: +-0.05mm~0.1mm
  • Certification: RoHS, ISO9001-2008
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   Rapid prototype is a model or prototype to test various kinds of products performances and functions, 

such as designs, ideas, features. It is based on the earlier designs’ properties. This process of the mode 

of work is so fast. Users can get feedback promptly on their items. Generally speaking, rapid prototyping

technologies are an important and essential part of the system design process.

Rapid Prototyping Process Steps

Process Of Rapid Prototyping's Production

Application of rapid prototyping in industry

There are many advantages of rapid prototyping:

1.Realizing the Design Concepts
Provide with concept proof that would be required for attracting funds. What’s more, it can give the user an approximate idea about the product’s final appearance.

2.Combining the Changes Immediately
As it offers a fast and precise way for users to realize the potential of the product
3. Saving Cost and Time
Rapid prototyping enables the users to know the products appearance and performance. Meanwhile, it is cost effective.
4.Customizing Designs
Active interaction among the customers and manufacturers can be encouraged.
5. Minimizing Design Flaws
It is easier to find the design flaws in the early developmental stages. Early deficiency of prototypes can be detected and corrected promptly.


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