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PVC and Silicone Vacuum Suction Cup
Various PVC and Silicone Vacuum Glass Suction Cup With Screw and Hooks
  • Product Origin : Fujian,China
  • Item No.: NWSR
  • Shipping Port : Xiamen Port,China
  • Lead Time : 10 days after payment
  • Payment : T/T,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram or Paypal
  • Price Range : US $2-8/Piece
  • Material: plastic hook+silicone suction cup
  • Size: Suction Cup Dia: 7cm, Total Height: 9cm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Color: clear
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    Use these no tools required hooks to maximize any space! vacuum hooks provide an easy, affordable way to decorate and organize your home, school and office

Locking suction cup hooks

    Four points can show the value:

    1.Easy to Apply and Remove: Remove cleanly, no holes, marks, sticky residue, or stain. 
    2.Excelent Design: Good idea for your home improvement. Simple and stylish, little and exquisite design.
    3.Super Strong Suction Cup: Power lock suction securely sticks to smooth surfaces, like shower walls, mirrors, kitchen wall and more.
    4.Super Bearing Capacity: Vacuum suction cup offers you maximum load of 6.61 pounds. No need to worry falling down of your objects.

Locking suction cup hooks

    1. Super strong suction power. 
    2. Made of environmental protection silica gel and super durable plastic. 
    3. Very subtle housing. 
    4. DIY concept. Can be used in different ways as you want. 
    5. Compatible with surface made of ceramic, glass, wood and other smooth material. 

Locking suction cup hooks

    1.Make sure the suction cup is clean and free from debris.
    2.Clean the surface you are applying the suction cup to. It won’t adhere well to a dirty surface.
    3.Press the cup all the way down, against the surface.
    4.The suction cup may need to be “burped” periodically by pressing down on it to remove any air that may have seeped in.
    5.Remove the cup, pull up on the release tab to release the suction.

Locking suction cup hooks


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