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2022 Team Building

Team building is an activity held by the company to enhance the sense of community and the spirit of collaboration among employees. In the activity, there will be some tasks that need to be completed by the group, so that everyone can learn to study and think together in the completion of the task, and work hard for a goal together!

The team consists of the business, operations and executives of five companies, In total, there are 18 salesmen +5 operators +5 supervisors.We will compete for 50 days.

Structure: 18 salesmen, scattered and regrouped into three groups, each company up to 2 people overlapping into a team. Operation team of 5 people. Total 4 groups. Four groups have a leader.

Responsibilities of group leader:

  1. Master the progress of each business, confirm the daily performance of each business, publicize the single group, and cheer up the partners.
  2. Reported business situation daily, prepared business reports and sent them to logistics.
  3. Preside over the daily meeting and summarize the weekly meeting.
  4. Organize learning and training, mobilize the enthusiasm of team members, and improve business transformation.

Responsibilities of Logistics (Supervisor) :

  1. Support the needs of each group, especially business support, so as to improve the business and inquiries of the whole team.
  2. Checked the daily performance statements, got the data from the team leader every week, analyzed the data, made specific work arrangements and provided solutions and support in business aspects.