Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. designed in the specific shape of the desired product, forced through a custom die and cut to the requested lengths.  It is cost-effective and requires short lead times to produce large batches. It is used in several applications to make tubes and rods, oven seals, electrical cables and wire insulation, gaskets, seals and more complex profiles.


Common Silicone, FDA Silicone, EPDM, foam NBR, Foam silicone, Foam EPDM, Foam CR, Sponge, Close cell, open cell, we can also make them with adhesive backing

3.Tolerance Standard:

We can make parts according to your tolerance requirements, if you do not have special requirements on the tolerance, our tolerance is according to the standard of ISO3302:2014 CLASS 2



4.Surface treatment

Matte, smooth

5.Process Flow Diagram

Once the order is confirm, we will prepare raw material in certain proportion. In high pressure and high temperature, making raw rubber. Put the raw material in rolling machine, extrude the air inside, at the same time color admixture,then cool material,next cut them into sheets and pieces.Put rubber pieces into machine with models extrude them in tube shape.Produce different tubes need different models, and we need to debug models before produce every day. The oven in five parts, controlling slip speed and temperature, to adjust tubes in tiny range. Cut tubes in fixed length, then put tubes cooling.



5.Quality Control

100% inspection for order,we seriously take care of the quality control from IQC to OQC, throughout each step of the production. Let us show you our quality control:

Debug machine and install the mould, comfirm raw material  extruded from mould is qualified, then controlling extrusion speed and sending into Vulcanizing oven.

After finishing vulcanized and heated, QC inspect the size and density;Over than the size's  tolerance, we will adjust the temperature and  convey speed of Vulcanizing oven.If the Density is changed,we must stop producing and re-make raw material, scrap processing.

Cut into size , control point: lie flat each foam tube before cutting to reduce tolerance.

Inspect grips appearance, and remove burrs by hand

Packaging, Inspecting and stick Qualification labels.

Below you find find our inspection equipment for your reference.