Neway usually hold group building activities every quarter. In order to let everyone get away from the intense work pressure, breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, cultivate their mind, exercise and relax themself. At the same time, in the process of the activity, enhance the friendship and team spirit of everyone, is beneficial to cultivate the spirit of cooperation in the team, enhance the cohesion of the collective.



We have meetings every Monday to solve problems in work or learn professional industry knowledge. Each employee shares a problem they have encountered at work, and everyone helps solve the problem or learns from the experience so that the next time they encounter the same problem, they can solve it quickly.

Research and development ability

  • Neway is not only professional on mould making and mass production for custom Plastic Parts, Silicone Rubber Parts & Metal Fabrication, but also good at 3D Printing prototypes. We're a manufacturing vendor with verical set-up, which means we have a great control of supply chain and we are cost-effective.
  • Our advantages are many, below are some for your reference:

1. We have our own development team for mold design and products design. We can save not only money and time for your orders, but also our experienced team will offer some professional suggestions for your products (Design & Material) to make it perfect. Sometimes one tiny modify may save you thousands of cost.
2. We will send you design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis once our prices are approval.
3. We can provide the 3D printing sample once you confirmed the order to ensure the design perfect before opening the mold .
4.We can accept small quantity (within 100pcs) order. Order to help customer to test the market, we have different processes for small orders, such as 3D printing, Vacuum Casting, and CNC machining.

Professional cases

1. Helped customers solve various assembly problems and successfully produced very complex products This is what customers say about our company. "My company has now hired Neway to complete four different molds for plastic and silicone parts and we look forward to many more successful projects going forward. My first project with Neway was for a very complex silicone part that no other Alibaba manufacturer would quote. Neway urged me to complete two simple test molds to ensure the silicone product would work properly prior to producing the final and more expensive mold. This gave me a lot of confidence working with this company because it was very clear that they are interested in creating very high-quality molds and parts for their customers. Rebecca of Neway is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Rebecca is an excellent communicator and facilitator of getting things done correctly and on time. The engineering team at Neway is also superb. They have assisted with redesigns on my parts to ensure the highest quality of parts and have done an exceptional job creating high quality molds for our products."

-- From Joel

2. Why should you trust Neway This is what customers say about our company. "I ordered 3 injection molds from Xiamen Neway. Their prices were unbeatable and the quality of the molds and the plastic parts is unbeatable. Shipping to the US was effortless. It required minimal effort on my part. I worked with Kelly and she is very friendly and helpful. I am thankful for all her help. I highly recommend this company, and I am happy to do business with them."

 --From Taylor

3."Also, it is really nice to see the production video you sent. The manufacturing process looks eficient, nice working environment, and overall quality process. We feel confident with your company and look forward to many years working together."

 --From Kevin