I need a quotation for Silicone parts


Order to provide an accurate price, Pls kindly send us your detailed requirements as below:

1. Drawing with full dimensions (if you have 3D drawing, it will be great helpful)

2. Material type (or performance request): Silicone. Any special requirements on material perfermance? Such as temperature resistant, resists deformation, compression set, tensile strength etc.

3. Hardness Request/Density Request:

4. Tolerance Request:

5. Order Qty/Annual Estimated Qty:

6. Part Color/Pantone No.:

Xiamen Neway is one stop supplier for silicone rubber, plastic & metal products. We have complete production chain from R&D, Rapid Prototypes, mould design, mould making, components production, assembling, packing & inspection to export.
Having one supplier like Neway for the complete assembly will allow for better design, quality, and fit of all the individual parts.