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Mid-Autumn Festival

Every year on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, as the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China, all Chinese people will look up at the biggest and brightest moon of the year and express their thoughts. The Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival is also a festival for people to yearn for a better life.

Neway held the Mid-Autumn Festival activity as usual – mooncake gambling. The game dates back to the 1600s when it is said to have been invented by the Chinese general Koxinga of the Southern Ming, along with his lower officer Hong Xu. Zheng was stationed with his troops in Amoy planning the Siege of Fort Zeelandia to take Dutch Formosa, which had been occupied by the Dutch since 1624. The game was an attempt to boost the morale of Ti’s homesick troops during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The game became popular in Amoy (now Xiamen) and is considered a folk game.

The Chinese name Bo Bing translates as “gambling for cakes”, and the game traditionally has 63 different sized mooncakes as prizes for the winning players: 32 of the smallest cake, half as many of the next largest, and so on ending with a single large cake. In modern times, the game’s instructions are often printed on mooncake packaging, although the game is also played with prizes of daily necessities, household appliances or money. The game requires six dice and a wide mouthed bowl. The first player is assigned and rolls the dice and wins a specific prize depending on the dice combination. The dice are then passed to the next person, and the process is repeated until there are no prizes left. A throw is declared invalid if at least one of the dice lands outside the bowl.

This has been a Neway tradition since its inception. It not only propagandizes the corporate culture, but also establishes a better future for the company, strengthens the belief of employees, and greatly improves the sense of belonging of employees.

In addition, the company can activate the atmosphere of the festival, enrich the spare time life of employees, realize the interaction between the company and employees, close the internal interpersonal relationship, active body and mind, so that employees can be more positive and optimistic, more harmonious relationship into the work and consolidate the corporate culture atmosphere.

Welcome to experience the mooncake gambling and feel the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival.


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