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which has more than 200 different kinds of sucker species

sucker species

Neway is the biggest sucker factory of china, which has more than 200 different kinds of sucker species, that can used as below:

Bathroom & Kitchen

Bird feeders

Holiday decorations

Keyhole openings, key ring, ring

Marine use, ocean or sea

Moving glass

Notes and advertising, notebook and advertising

Point of sale / Pop installations

Solar shades, solar candle light, sunglasses

Stained glass and other decorations

String hanger, threading, thread

Thermometers, thermometers

Window displays, window, outdoor display

Window mounted signs

Wreath holder industry,

also can sued in packing blister and the hanging card package. Because of the elegant appearance, it is rare personal objects to be the family bathroom a good helper. Suction cups can also provide support hooks, plastic hooks, Clips for sale.


A: Benefits:

  1. Strong adsorption ability with the biggest 10KG bearing
  2. Persistent —– can be sustained on the smooth surface and wall adsorption.
  3. Suction cups uses the special shapes, without creating a focal point, so as not to cause a fire
  4. Raw materials are imported from Japan with all plastic PVC
  5. Good and fashionable style, multipurpose , appearance is beautiful
  6. Suction cups can be wear with the rope, wire, plastic rods, chains
  7. Rating of temperature is 80 °
  8. Cold-resistant temperature is -20 °, can be exported to Europe, the U.S. State Country


B: absorbed occasion:

Transparent glass, tile surface larger than suction itself, stainless steel, refrigerators, tables and other metal surface, paint, plastic without accidented surface.


C: not use the occasion:

Wood products, wall, wallpaper, cross-property, film-like wallpaper, water-based wall paint, oil, warm water and so on walls, panel walls, wood columns in tubes, because of high temperatures appear to imagine, so please do not use at high temperatures, others such as the surface is uneven, rough, easy to pull out of the occasion


D: OEM: We undertake OEM manufacturing company can produce mold with other specifications.


E: These suckers are also have 11mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 43mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 63mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm.


F: Acceptable Use Policy:

1: When there is dirt in the adsorption surface, oil and gas, water, wastes, powder, etc., because they can not attach the above, please clean it and then paste up.

2: Please do not attach to uneven surfaces in the adsorption on the surface.

3: Please make sure whether the surface is smooth or not, before paste the tile surface. (If only part of the tile surface is smooth, then there is the phenomenon of relaxation. If the surface is not smooth, the outside air will come in easily so the products will easy to pull off.) Please do not stick on the irregular tile surface or between the connections.

4: Strong power suction cups are power tools attached using vacuum. If the air come into, it is easy to pull off. If it is used for long time, its suction performance degradation occurs, leading to its easy to drop.

5: Be sure to limit the weight of a conservative. According to attachment surface conditions attached in terms of the way, please note that even if it has the greatest weight of the following items, also shedding phenomenon.

6: Please do not hang valuables or easily broken items. It is forbidden to hang above the valuables. After attachment, please be careful not to let children play it.

7: Please paste in the place that children can not touch.

8: If the sucker dirty or deformed is easy to pull or suction changes it is difficult to attach the goods of aging. Wash with mild detergent, clean it and put it into warm water about 5minutes, and dry it.

9: Do not use in outside places which is not the destination.

10: Do not use the beside the fire.


G: the way to get out :

  1. Remove it slowly from one side.
  2. In the strong absorption occasions, as hard to remove it, open one end, let few air coming in, you can remove it.
  3. When there is residue on the wall, please clean it before get out.


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